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Phases of the project

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1. Exchange of information and expertise

Development of a Knowledge Resources Guide for Sustainability -  This online tool collects and makes accessible data concerning environmental management systems, carrying capacity assessment and good practices identified by the participating countries.


2. Method building

Set-up of an easily transferable model of analysis and intervention on vocational tourism. The model of analysis classifies: a) tourists into different vocational segments, according to their interests and inclinations and b) the vocation of a territory according to its social, cultural and natural resources.


3. Investigation and development

Analysis of new consumption patterns, tourist offers and environmental features of the regions/destinations involved, as well as their sustainability policies. Innovative tourist concepts and products under the topics of Castles, Heritage & History, Music, Dance & Culture, Nature & Sports draw on  surveys at local level and vocational models applied. Policy recommendations advise stakeholders from the tourism sector on how to achieve an integrated and competitive model of sustainable and vocational tourism.


4. Dissemination

Strengthen and widen the Network of Cities for Sustainable Tourism, disseminating the results/outcomes of the project.  The last phase of the project also aims at increasing the environmental awareness of tourists to lower their impact on the surrounding environment, by means of an educational kit.


Outcomes of the Project

In this section you will find information on the outcomes of the SuVot project as soon as they are available. Please check this page regularly for the most up to date outcomes.


9 Summer Events 

-Application of the vocational models to match the needs of vocational tourists segements-

Innovative tourist concepts and products have been identified for each project destination. Each partner destination organises a local innovative event dealing with at least one of the three identified themes: Nature & Sport; Dance & Music; Castles and fortresses.
The events have the aim to attract vocational communities and to be replicable in the years to come.

9 Summer Events - Programme  [800 kb]


The Knowledge Resource Guide (KRG) 


The final version of the KRG is now available to download! Please click here to get a copy in PDF format [2,284Kb]


Local Authorities should be able to provide the tourism industry and investors with a clear framework. This should include sustainable practices within this sector with regard to, for example, the choice of the location for new developments, the building process and the management of a given tourism facility. The Knowledge Resources Guide will focus on the role played by Local Authorities in the implementation of sustainable tourism activities in coastal areas and highlight their consequent viability. The recommendations that will result from the KRG are meant to contribute towards the implementation of sustainability within the tourism industry.


Guidelines for the structure for the KRG [PPT 52 KB]

Key information on the KRG [Word 28 KB]

Presentation on the KRG, SuVot Workshop and III Transnational meeting, 20 - 22 October 2005 [PPT 209 KB]

KRG - The website [PDF 372Kb]

A new multimedia Knowledge Resources Guide has been developed. Please visit for more information.


Vocational Tourism


The SUVOT Project represents one of the first European opportunities to explore a new form of tourism: “Vocational Tourism”.  The remarkable development of the tourist demand, which is the expression of individual and collective "passions", is now often moved by a search for real "experiences". Tourists are inspired by a specific "vocation" to look for a particular destination. This type of tourist is an "explorer of the values" of the area he has chosen to visit. Therefore, local authorities and any other body working in the tourism industry will have to understand these values in order to effectively meet the expectations of vocational tourists. The SuVot Project aims to contribute towards a better understanding of this type of tourism.


Presentation on Vocational Tourism, SuVot Workshop and III Transnational meeting, 20 - 22 October 2005 [PPT 5.08 MB]

Presentation on Vocational Tourism, Second SuVot Project meeting, 6 - 7 June 2005 [PPT 227 KB]

Report on Vocational Tourism [PDF 2.27 MB]

Policy Recommendations - English [PDF 122 KB]

Policy Recommendations - Italian [PDF 5.15 MB]

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